Whether it is a one night gig with a band or a 30 day non stop tour. DSS-Audio can supply both the equipment and crew.

Please do not hesitate to call one of our team to discuss your needs. We will be there from the start to the finish. 24hr's a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.

We have a long history with Touring and supplying equipment to tours across the UK.
We hold stock of some of the best lighting and sound equipment so you can rest assured that the equipment will be of a standard that can take use every day. All of our equipment at DSS Audio is uniformed so in the unlikely event of a failure we have a replacement sat on the shelf.

We can supply both lighting and sound with or without crew / engineers. You can arrange equipment transport or our office staff are happy to sort the logistics.

We can offer great deals on Touring from a week to 12 months. The longer the kit is gone the better deal you get!
  Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us we are happy to tailor a system to suit your needs. From a 2 way in-ear monitor mix right through to a front of house system for an arena tour.

We hold live equipment to cover a very large band with an upto 10 way Monitor mix using top quality Audio Analyst Wedge Monitors. 
Our engineers are well expeirenced in mixing live bands, and hold the latest in digital mixing consoles.  We strive for clarity of sound and for everyone in your audience hear you as they should!

Now, this is where we feel we rise above other companies.
If you are out on tour, and phone us at 3am we WILL answer the phone. Our attention to our customer needs is second to none. Jason, the company owner, has many a time got out of bed him self  and driven 100 miles+ at silly hours just to help a client. Even if its to give an artist the DI box they require, or in the unlikely event, to replace a faulty item.

We are happy to sort Accommodation and transport as well as full production.

We will go that extra mile for you.

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