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Somerset Sound Lighting Power Hire

The Caring in Bristol Conference is something that we all feel strongly about here.

Caring In Bristol do amazing work on taking care of the young people who are unfortunate enough to be living on the streets of our city.

We supplied active speakers with Wireless Microphones and AV playback.
We had our L'Acoustics system out again at the 2016 Babington Firework display.

This 500 people strong fireworks show held in the lovely grounds of Babington House Frome.

This is the second year we have done this show and this year was as much of a success as last year.

We supplied a 3 way L'Acoustics PA system, 5 Way monitor mix, Digital mixing consoles, Stage Microphone package. Aswell as Lighting in the form of LED stage blinders with up lighting around the tent.
We supplied full Sound equipment to the Dreamscape room at the 2016 Westfest even.

We flew a 4 deep hang of our L'Acoustics DV-Dosc sound system in the 1000 capacity room. The sub system was taken care of by a Cardioid End fire array.

DJ Kit was Pioneer with Technics Turntables.

Monitors were our Turbosound TFM450 Wedge monitors.
Here it is then :)

We have done this show for the last 5 years. And every year it gets better and better. This year we put a full ground support system in the venue. Along side a vast number of moving head lights, Top of the range line array sound system and some of the finest hard dance DJ's in The UK.

Looking forward to next year!
We supplied a small wedding package to a hotel in Illminster for a wedding.

This included Radio Microphones and a uplighting package installed by us.
Back again for the third year running, We supplied a L'Acoustics DV-Dosc Line array system to the 2016 Lyme Regis Carnivals Firework Show.
Here we supplied an Active PA system with digital mixing desk, Monitors and a stage package for a up and coming act at Babington House Somerset.
Bristol Harbour Side festival 2016

We supplied a Ohm TRS system with Digital Mixing desk and Monitors to the busy festival stage outside the legendary Grain Barge Venue near the centre.
We supplied a L'Acoustics DV-Dosc PA system for the live stage at a Cossack Show near Frome in Somerset.
We also supplied a few stacks of OHM TRS for the Horse Show on the grounds outside.
We were delighted to be involved in the 2016 Glastonbury Festival.

We supplied our L'Acoustics DV-Dosc Sound system to the Garden Stage in the Theatre and Circus field.