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Somerset Sound Lighting Power Hire

The Caring in Bristol Conference is something that we all feel strongly about here.

Caring In Bristol do amazing work on taking care of the young people who are unfortunate enough to be living on the streets of our city.

We supplied active speakers with Wireless Microphones and AV playback.
We had our L'Acoustics system out again at the 2016 Babington Firework display.

This 500 people strong fireworks show held in the lovely grounds of Babington House Frome.

This is the second year we have done this show and this year was as much of a success as last year.

We supplied a 3 way L'Acoustics PA system, 5 Way monitor mix, Digital mixing consoles, Stage Microphone package. Aswell as Lighting in the form of LED stage blinders with up lighting around the tent.