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Somerset Sound Lighting Power Hire


We have various systems out this week.

One of our Flashlight systems is now out on the road until Mid August.

We have a wide range of systems from 500watts right up through to 30k (RMS)


Here at DSS Audio we like to think of ourselves as the one stop production service.

We can supply the Power, Staging, Sound, Lighting all in one hit and potentially saving you the client a fortune!

Give one of us a call for a competitive quote.


This weekend we have nearly all of our CDJ2000's, CDJ1000mk3's, DJM800's out.

We can tell the summer is coming..... Busy busy busy!


We are on site at a wedding currently setting up a small system.

The system is strictly for DJ's so we have supplied the following equipment.

2 x CDJ2000's

1 x DJM800

2 x Active Speakers

As with all DSS Audio jobs we are all about the appearance.  Black cloth and tidy cable runs are a must.


DSS Audio stock the Behringer / Midas X32 for hire in Bristol and Somerset.


This weekend we went on a road trip to Margate!

Margate is famous for the jolly boys outing on only fools and horses.

We supplied a few boxes of flashlight to SL Lighting and Sound hire for an event they were suppling full production too in the seaside town.

We offer full sub hire services across the UK.


This week the DJ kit has been flying out!

Had all of our CDJ's out at events and a couple on private hire.

Even our 1210 pile has started looking a little smaller.

Could this summer be busier than last year? Surely not :)


We are very busy here designing lighting and sound systems for various weddings over the summer.

A lot of the weddings we deal with have requested moving head lighting effects. These are fantastic at washing tents and venues.

We also hold a vast stock of LED lighting. Which enables us to wash a venue and change the color / theme at the touch of a button.

Sound wise the majority of our wedding requirements are simple. A fair few of the systems are being put together purely for iPod play back, This way the Bride and Groom can pick exactly the music they want. Whilst saving money on hiring a DJ.

On the other side of this we have several weddings where we are putting in larger sound systems with top of the range DJ equipment.


We have various set ups designed specifically for simple disco hire. These packages start from £70 and have everything you require to plug in your iPod and start dancing.


We have several large scale touring systems designed for festival production and touring.

We can tailor a sound system to suit any need, Be it a conference for 5 people or an outdoor festival  for 5000 people we are able to help!