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Somerset Sound Lighting Power Hire


DSS Audio supplied a set of Technics SL1210's and a Pioneer DJM800 to a wedding in Taunton Somerset.


We supplied a full disco setup to a wedding in Batcombe Somerset.

The setup was a simple active speakers with pioneer CDJ and Pioneer Mixer set up on the sound. The lighting was simple LED battens attached to a piece of stage deck.


DSS Audio Supplied a full stage system and front of house to The Tobacco Factory for the 2013 FactoberFest Beer Festival.

Jason Ashman and Kit McKenzie took care of Front of House with 3 Country bands playing to an estimated 500 people over the day.

The system was a TurboSound FloodLight 760 setup driven by Powersoft amplifiers.

DSS Audio have a strong relationship with the tobacco factory like many of our other clients.


DSS Audio Supplied a Small floodlight PA system to the small village of Evercreech in the heart of Somersets Village Party.

The set up consisted of a Pair of Pioneer CDJ's with a Pioneer DJ Mixer. The PA was a TurboSound Floodlight 760 system. The lighting was a simple par can Par56 system.


This was our first year supplying sound and lighting to the main stage at the 2013 Hay Day Festival in Gloucestershire.

We supplied a Turbosound Floodlight sound system driven by Powersoft and Crown Pulse Amplifiers. On Stage was a 10 way monitor mix powered by a rack of Crown Amplifiers. 

Lighting was a simple Par can system with 6 LED Battens around the outside of the stage all controlled by a Avolites Pearl.

We are all very much looking forward to next year. 

This was one of the teams favourite festivals of the year. Very relaxed atmosphere with an unbelievable level of talent at such a small festival. Mixed local and national talent.