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Somerset Sound Lighting Power Hire


We have just finished unloading the Vans after a very successful Upfest 2013

We supplied a Turbosound Floodlight PA system too the 200 people venue. This was supplemented by a 4 way Audio Anyalist AA12FR 4 way monitor mix system. This was all driver by a Midas Verona Mixing desk and powered by Powersoft and Lab Gruppen amplification.

Upfest is a urban art festival based in Bedminster Bristol. The festival its self is based all over Bedminster, we were based in the heart of the festival "The Tobacco Factory"

We had various live acts and DJ's over the weekend. We supplied all the DJ Equipment to the inside stage and the outdoor stage. We also supplied Power Distribution.



We supplied a small PA system to a 18th birthday party in Bristol.

The PA system was accompanied with a pair of Pioneer CDJ's and a Pioneer DJ Mixer.

The PA system was a Turbosound floodlight 760ht with Turbosound FlashLight 21" bass.


Another weekend of Lighting Hire in Somerset.

We have supplied lighting equipment tot various events across Somerset.

Wedding Lighting Hire and a simple Disco Lighting Hire setup.